निष्प्राण शब्द

यह सब क्या हो गया ! कहाँ गया सब कुछ ? किसने हैक कर लिया मेरा सॉफ्टवेयर ? क्या वायरस है यह ? गीत बढ़ता जा रहा है

मैं हूँ ना, माँ

इतनी स्वार्थी….इतनी बीमार हो गयी मैं? मेरी बेटी स्कूल जाकर भी इस ख़याल से छूट नहीं पायी कि माँ ने उससे कहा ,’ तुम्हें पता है माँ बीमार है फिर भी तंग करती हो’ । बालमन पर यह कैसा बोझ रख दिया मैंने अनजाने में ?

खोया – पाया

जब से मैंने ब्लॉगिंग की दुनिया में कदम रखा है तब से इस दुनिया के एक रिवाज़ ने मुझे हर बार हैरान किया है । और वह रिवाज़ है – रोते बिलखते या नाग की तरह फुफकारते ब्लोग्स की पॉपुलैरिटी, जनप्रियता या मक़बूलियत । इस तरह के ब्लोग्स एक बहुत बड़े हुजूम को अपनी तरफ खींचते हैं । अगर…

भिक्षाम्देही भिक्षाम्देही

कल एक बालक देखा किसी ट्रेफिक सिग्नल पे । कितना मस्त था अपने आप में । उसे कोई आभास नहीं था खुदके उस सड़क पे होने का और दूसरों के गाड़ी में होने का । उसे कोई दुःख नहीं था,

Sailing to a place where mind is free

It was not easy decision to write this blog. In greatest of the confusions, I wrote this piece. After procrastinating it for months, I, finally, could muster the courage to publish this blog.

I am also a mother while dating TOM

I had never noticed anything special or different in my mothers’ behavior throughout month. She never said or expressed anything about those days. So, when I had my first period, I thought, somehow, I got injured and asked for medical help. My periods started when I was 13 years old. I clearly remember it was…

My husband never cuddles me when I am sick.

It is heart wrenching to see your loved ones in bad health either physical or emotional or mental. I tend to hug and pay more loving attention to my kid, my hubby, my siblings and my parents when they are ill. So I expect each one of them to love me more and take great…

Age with grace in a youth obsessed culture

I made a trip to my parents place, recently. After a long time, I got a chance to see them closely and I was surprised to notice that they are growing old much faster. Presently, my in laws are here and they are growing old too. These all old people in my family belong to…

Fight inequality in female terms

Martyrdom – a loss celebrated Martyrdom is graceful, respected, decorated and celebrated. In this way, we give meaning to a death and by reverse engineering we give meaning and purpose to martyr’s life. Let’s give it a second look, the person who is a martyr now- felt this grand feeling of celebration for how long? May be in the…

Please do not kill

I was leaving Mumbai. I was sitting in the train that was taking me away from Mumbai. My eyes were closed and my mind immersed in sweet memories of last two days spent with my boyfriend, Uphaar. He was living in another city. We were in long distance love relationship, hence, love could be gestured only in mails and…