रैगिंग के वो दिन

यह मुखिया लोग जो बड़े सरकार के सामने ‘हम वो हैं, जो दो और दो पांच बना दें’ ऐसी डींगें हांक कर आये थे, उनका हमारी एक गलती ने फ़ालूदा बना दिया था । और इसके लिए हमे माफ़ी मिलना नामुमकिन था ।


Age with grace in a youth obsessed culture

I made a trip to my parents place, recently. After a long time, I got a chance to see them closely and I was surprised to notice that they are growing old much faster. Presently, my in laws are here and they are growing old too. These all old people in my family belong to…

Roles keep on rotating

“This time going to Jaipur is a big deal for me. All the past visits had been so soothing, peaceful and happy. My son would come to receive at Jaipur station. I had not to worry about anything. I always used to get a ticket and board the train. I had to take care of this…