आज़ाद कश्मीर !!! कर दें ?????

यदि जम्मू-कश्मीर का इतिहास देखें तो पता चलता है कि इस राज्य ने आज़ादी के समय भारत और पाकिस्तान दोनों की ही प्रभुता मानने से इन्कार कर दिया था ।

शिव के साथ वार्तालाप -२

तुम चुप क्यूँ हो ? कुछ तो कहो । कैसे मुस्कुराते पाते हो, शांत रह पाते हो ? क्या ताण्डव भूल चुके हो ?

भगत सिंह की उम्मींदों की स्याही

कल गुरदास मान जी का नया म्यूजिक विडियो देखा । आधुनिक काल की विसंगतियों को संक्षिप्त तौर पे दर्शाते हुए बहुत ही ह्रदयस्पर्शी, मार्मिक और बेहतरीन विडियो बन पड़ा है ।

मेरे राज और सिमरन

तुमसे बढ़के दुनिया में ना देखा कोई और जुबान पर आज दिल की बात आ गयी ।
अगर कोई आशिक़ यह गीतअपनी महबूबा को नज़र कर दे तो उस महबूबा की ख़ुशी, नाज़ और शर्म का कोई किनारा आपको ढूंढें नहीं मिलेगा ।

मैं आभार कहाँ से लाऊँ?

आज सुबह की ठंड में कुछ ठिठुरन के साथ सिहरन भी है, अनमने से ह्रदय में चुभते कुछ सवालों के दंश भी हैं। मन में अंतर्दव्न्द छिड़ा हुआ है । एक “क्यूँ” बन्दर की तरह उत्पात मचा कर हर डाली को झिंझोर रहा है और सारे फलों को जूठन कर फेंक रहा है । मन में एक उलझन…

Park or Stairs?

Yesterday, I saw a mother trying hard to convince her baby to buy a chocolate and her baby was insisting to buy Eclairs. Both had their reason to insist. I loved their squabble and it took me back to Jan 2013, where I and my daughter had a similar tussle.

A Stick, a Zero and a Hero

This is the first memory of my academic life. I was in second grade when I got ZERO marks in mathematics test.

My Exile or My Vacation

You created me so, logically, everything I have is essentially yours. You throb in my heart and mind every moment so, emotionally also, it is yours. Mostly I keep this to myself and be soaked in oasis of this calmness and love, but there are times when I feel disquiet beyond measure and want to…

This is a glimpse of how whole cosmos influence you.

According to astrology, ‘Scorpions are trustworthy and faithful. They will always stand beside you if they have promised they would. Scorpions have an excellent memory and combined with an inability to let things go, they can hold a grudge forever against someone who did them harm. In fact, a Scorpions rarely, if never, forgive and forget. They will even…

She was my dearest friend

A decade ago she was my dearest friend and confidant. Nevertheless, she was the only true friend in my hostel life and rest others were either classmates or acquaintances. Her persona was such that everyone used to shower her with accolades like, “You are incredibly cool, calm, loving, selfless and helping girl.” Once in the first semester of…

My first encounter with reality distortion-1

Steve Jobs had a phenomenal reality distortion field as shown in the documentaries made on him and his biography also claims this. While reading, watching, and thinking about Steve Jobs, I always paid more attention to his urge for perfection, his brilliance, his struggles, his travels, his family, and his relationships with his co-workers. I…