मेरे राज और सिमरन

तुमसे बढ़के दुनिया में ना देखा कोई और जुबान पर आज दिल की बात आ गयी ।
अगर कोई आशिक़ यह गीतअपनी महबूबा को नज़र कर दे तो उस महबूबा की ख़ुशी, नाज़ और शर्म का कोई किनारा आपको ढूंढें नहीं मिलेगा ।

Mars,Venus and infidelity on Earth-2

Why infidelity hurts? It does because one invests immensely in marriage that includes his/her precious years and emotional investments. Couple share highs and lows, uncertainty and familiarity of life for such a long period that they get ILLUSION of being chosen, special, indispensable, irreplaceable and ‘the one’ for each other. They tend to believe that they…

Mars, Venus, and infidelity on Earth -1

Romantic love, a blissful feeling, is the most desirable thing on this earth after survival in adulthood. Those who have experienced love at first sight would agree that it is really almost impossible to perceive, what makes us fall for that person. One may try to rationalize and attribute to various visible aspects of the…