Cultivating reading habit

There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all. –Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Making small kids talk their heart

There is one benefit of being a tenant, you can shift home whenever you feel like. We shifted home to avoid travel time (traffic jam) when my husband changed his workplace.

A Stick, a Zero and a Hero

This is the first memory of my academic life. I was in second grade when I got ZERO marks in mathematics test.

Body language and kids

generally personify every object around her. Like the comb is monitor and her hairs are naughty students. And while combing, I tell her what conversation is going on between her hairs and comb. I extended this idea of personifying things to emotions as well.

I want my kid to obey me.

She has a voice and she believes that she is capable to decide good and bad for herself. She has a power to make choice and say ‘NO’. I have a powerful kid to deal with. And this explains why my parenthood is struggling.

Shh! That’s a bad word

I have spent my childhood and teenage in Lucknow, the city of ‘Nawabs’ and ‘Tahjeeb’. In Lucknow, even the fights are done using very decent language. I address others as ‘aap’ and refer myself as ‘hum’.

Kids are mini Adults

I recently travelled to Kolkata in Rajdhani train. It was a nice journey. In my compartment there was another family having a 4 year kid.

Chia and Glamour

I recently watched ‘Student of the year’ movie with Chia. Chia loved every dress and purse of Shanaya, character played by Alia Bhatt (lead female protagonist). Shanaya is very pretty, most popular, fragile and stupid girl in the movie.