Cultivating reading habit

There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all. –Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Park or Stairs?

Yesterday, I saw a mother trying hard to convince her baby to buy a chocolate and her baby was insisting to buy Eclairs. Both had their reason to insist. I loved their squabble and it took me back to Jan 2013, where I and my daughter had a similar tussle.

Making small kids talk their heart

There is one benefit of being a tenant, you can shift home whenever you feel like. We shifted home to avoid travel time (traffic jam) when my husband changed his workplace.

A Stick, a Zero and a Hero

This is the first memory of my academic life. I was in second grade when I got ZERO marks in mathematics test.

Body language and kids

generally personify every object around her. Like the comb is monitor and her hairs are naughty students. And while combing, I tell her what conversation is going on between her hairs and comb. I extended this idea of personifying things to emotions as well.

Sailing to a place where mind is free

It was not easy decision to write this blog. In greatest of the confusions, I wrote this piece. After procrastinating it for months, I, finally, could muster the courage to publish this blog.

I want my kid to obey me.

She has a voice and she believes that she is capable to decide good and bad for herself. She has a power to make choice and say ‘NO’. I have a powerful kid to deal with. And this explains why my parenthood is struggling.

Shh! That’s a bad word

I have spent my childhood and teenage in Lucknow, the city of ‘Nawabs’ and ‘Tahjeeb’. In Lucknow, even the fights are done using very decent language. I address others as ‘aap’ and refer myself as ‘hum’.

Kids are mini Adults

I recently travelled to Kolkata in Rajdhani train. It was a nice journey. In my compartment there was another family having a 4 year kid.