ताक़त की दुनिया….२

कितनी सज़ा? कितना बड़ा गुनाह था कि सज़ा और प्राश्यचित खत्म होने का नाम ही नहीं ले रहे ? अब बस, और नहीं ।

ताक़त की दुनिया

पता है कुछ लोग अपने जीवन की जिम्मेदारी नहीं उठा सकते हैं- न जीने की और न मरने की । उन्हें जीने के लिए दूसरों का सहारा चाहिए होता है और अपनी खुदखुशी का इल्ज़ाम भी वो दूसरों पर थोप जाते हैं । तू उन लोगों में से है ।

A Stick, a Zero and a Hero

This is the first memory of my academic life. I was in second grade when I got ZERO marks in mathematics test.

When quirks of few leaders became patriotism for rest others.

How would have we known patriotism and nationalism without Kashmir terrorism? I often wonder how the nations who don’t have such bleeding grounds like we have Kashmir feel the patriotism. What their army do to sustain relevance and respect? In 1991 a big powerful nation USSR, who had led in space race with the first…

Mars,Venus and infidelity on Earth-2

Why infidelity hurts? It does because one invests immensely in marriage that includes his/her precious years and emotional investments. Couple share highs and lows, uncertainty and familiarity of life for such a long period that they get ILLUSION of being chosen, special, indispensable, irreplaceable and ‘the one’ for each other. They tend to believe that they…

This is a glimpse of how whole cosmos influence you.

According to astrology, ‘Scorpions are trustworthy and faithful. They will always stand beside you if they have promised they would. Scorpions have an excellent memory and combined with an inability to let things go, they can hold a grudge forever against someone who did them harm. In fact, a Scorpions rarely, if never, forgive and forget. They will even…

Sailing to a place where mind is free

It was not easy decision to write this blog. In greatest of the confusions, I wrote this piece. After procrastinating it for months, I, finally, could muster the courage to publish this blog.

Ready to walk with the truth

Swarna was feeling little uneasy when her friend passed her a cup of coffee. Her friend saw Swarna deep into thoughts and asked “What is it bothering you?” Swarna said ” It’s a closet, I am uneasy about. Space issue- it is getting smaller as I am growing.” Her friend said “Replace it and get…