When quirks of few leaders became patriotism for rest others.

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How would have we known patriotism and nationalism without Kashmir terrorism? I often wonder how the nations who don’t have such bleeding grounds like we have Kashmir feel the patriotism. What their army do to sustain relevance and respect? In 1991 a big powerful nation USSR, who had led in space race with the first ever satellite and the first human spaceflight, decided to re structure itself by letting the problematic states go free. It was a courageous step to let go parts of your constituents that were not comfortable in being a part of you. I wonder why we, India, has never evaluated this option. Though, Mr. Nehru and Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee suggested that partition of J&K is the only lasting solution for durable peace in the subcontinent.

If we go by history of J&K, we would know that this state refused to accede to dominion of either Pakistan or India. In 1947 this state asked for independence of its own. However, both the nations India and Pakistan tried to influence and force themselves on J&K. Majority of J&K papulation was Muslim and led by Hindu maharaja and religion being basis of partition, caused a huge ruckus in J&K. The majority wanted to be a part of Pakistan and hence by internal support from J&K Pakistan forcefully tried to acquire J&K. To save his position and province Hindu maharaja begged help from India. India took benefit of this situation and placed a condition that India would help only if J&K accede to dominion of India. Maharaja Hari Singh’s Letter to Mountbatten

I consider it as a purely political agenda and greed of political leaders at that time. None of them considered the welfare of common population of the province and tried to boost their ego by acquiring the land. Indian political and army force was more capable than Pakistan at that time and hence it won. The state which aspired for ‘AZAD KASHMIR’ became ‘ABHIANN ANG of India’- unimaginable plight of the common people there. Since then India is trying to keep J&K under its rule. Though, we have agreed to different laws and different official flag for J&K- totally ridiculous. This just proves that India is still trying to bargain their deal. And this situation is not only painful for J&K but also for rest of the India.

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I wonder what if our Army is fighting a cold war not terrorism. The common people there are demanding their freedom and we call them terrorists. To achieve their goal they are taking help from neighboring nation. Why we are so adamant to keep J&K under India and at cost of what? How many wars will we fight? How many lives will we sacrifice? We recruit the bravest and courageous citizens of our country to join Indian army and let them fight till death to end up with some gallantry awards! Pathetic.

I wonder how and why we reached to a number of 29 states in India, earlier we were 25 states. Why we gave freedom to certain lands to become another state? Only because they asked to be an independent state and still under one country India? Central government could consider the request genuine and decided to put an end to cold war. Does that mean India want peace but without letting its ego down? We are ready for even a number of 60 states if they all come under one nation India. But we deny peace and embrace martyrdom when a state asks for absolute independence.

I seriously believe that quirks of few leaders was decorated as patriotism and it remains patriotism of almost 1.3 billion people. Recently, we lost 17 lives and such episodes keep on repeating themselves. It surely needs a different perspective to solve the issue.

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I pray for everyone’s  Respect and Peace.

See you again. 🙂


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