Meeting the dumb and Dumber

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It’s not that I love to catch up with dumb and dumber guys, but, sometimes, they are unavoidable, seriously. In real life, I may somehow escape such fellows but with social media they are virtually inevitable occurrence. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, few blogger sites and many more have armed stupid people with the power to rock the world with their stupidity. If I could afford honesty, then I would dare to say that these guys come up with lots of negativity, depression and aggression. I am still trying to figure out how to sustain decent relationships with these folks!

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I visit social website for few reasons: publish something, share something, get organic thoughts to ponder, learn something that would make my life happier, and get a range of responses for my posts. Obviously, I open myself up to a hell lot of varying responses, but not to corny, phony and stupid responses, though I don’t use a disclaimer stating the same. I know, few intelligent people would say that what seems so idiotic to me might be a ‘real thing’ for the person at the other end. And I tell you this is indeed ‘the real problem’ of the person at the other end. They don’t even realize that they are being so damn stupid.

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I know everyone has freedom of speech and expression, and I respect this human fundamental right. I have learnt to live with it and that too gracefully. I would listen to their stupidity with indifference, paste an invisible ‘idiot’ label on their foreheads, wink, smile  and move on. Experientially speaking, in any face to face conversations, stupid people generally leave the discussion and commenting to smart people and would simply listen the topic because they are aware that none will pay attention to their crap: quite embarrassing. But with social media these idiot people find courage to post any crap. Their posts, blogs and responses are sometimes funny in a certain sense but mostly they are  annoying, frustrating and depressing. I swear, I hate this utter non sense.

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I have quit WhatsApp groups, have unfriend many on Facebook to get rid of them, but, damn, those idiots come around again with new connections that I didn’t know existed. Few blogging sites don’t have comment authorization in place so anyone can comment anything. Negativity and stupidity are contagious. You have one stupid remark and the endless chain will follow. You have no way to control it. Sometimes, it is so depressing that you might feel that blogging on that site was a huge mistake at our end, and that the world is full of hopeless and mindless dumbheads.

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I avoid to be rude with them and don’t tell them the truth that I hate them. Consequnetly, I pay a nice price for this. Mostly, I try to overlook their stupidity and stay in good mood. But, sometimes, when I am edgy and touchy, I want to break into their screens and knock those people out. Obvoiusly, I cannot do that so I end up dedicating a whole blog to them. Hail stupidity! Hail Idiots!

See you again. 🙂


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  1. Deepak Bisht says:

    Idiocity is a common response to anything and everything. It’s done normally and by those who don’t have their own heads and obviously none of their thoughts. They are like boats without an oar they just sail with winds.
    Forget them and keep going. The idiocity mentioned in your blog is first level human psychology.
    Keep up your good work. Remember you can’t change the perception and can’t even make a fool into cool.

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