My first encounter with reality distortion-1

Steve Jobs had a phenomenal reality distortion field as shown in the documentaries made on him and his biography also claims this. While reading, watching, and thinking about Steve Jobs, I always paid more attention to his urge for perfection, his brilliance, his struggles, his travels, his family, and his relationships with his co-workers. I almost overlooked this reality distortion associated with him because I found it irrelevant and of no interest until today morning.

Today morning I had my first encounter with reality distortion in my life. I am neither happy about it, nor sad about it. But , for sure, I am overwhelmed and trying to figure out the reasons and remedies. It so happened that my maid (who is suppose to arrive at 9 A.M.) did not turn up till 10:30 A.M. I suspected, she is not coming today. Then suddenly like lightening it struck to me that yesterday evening she informed me about today’s unavailability (she was expecting guests at her home) on a phone call from an unknown number. I simply forgot about it. Okay, I started doing the chores. Then 40 minutes later, door bell rang and there she was. She apologized for being late. I asked her if her guests were gone. With great surprise she said she had no guests. She was late because her son was not doing well. I reminded her about yesterday evening call and our conversation about her guests. She asked if that call from her number. I said “No, it was from some unknown number”. She dismissed “it was not her and maybe someone played prank”. I was so sure that it was her voice and to confirm this I checked my call log. And I was dumbfounded to discover that there was no call from any unknown number for past two days. How is it possible!!

My maid usually calls me to inform about her unavailability and in recent past she had made calls from unknown numbers as well. Few days ago, she called me from an unknown number and on hearing her voice I anticipated it is a regular information call and to my surprise it was not. She had called me up for some charity purpose. Today my brain juggled and clubbed the past information. Until I checked my mobile I was fully convinced that I had a call from her yesterday. Amazing! This has never happened to me before. Am I going crazy? Am I thinking too much that without conscious efforts my brain is linking the events and making trustworthy stories? This is exactly what was described as reality distortion field of Steve Jobs. What caused this event? Is back tracking possible?

Lately, I have been thinking and planning too much and I have not been documenting it anywhere, so it keeps on running in my mind. I am not sure if this is the reason for today’s event. But I guess documenting my thoughts would be a preventive course in this case. I will start writing journal from today at the end of the day. This event made reality distortion and Steve Jobs more genuine in my world.

See you again. 🙂



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