I am google obsessed, are you too?


I am intelligent, qualified, and capable, but when it comes to search for something or anything as simple as ‘what is home’ I end up typing the question on google search bar. And google is ever ready with loads of pages to help me out. Today, I want to know the reasons for this behavior. Though I felt tempted to search it on goggle, I will invest some time on this question to come up with my reasons.

Reason 1: Impatience

Most of the time I feel that I am so busy, so occupied in some thing or the other that I can’t wait for the information. Digging for a perfect answer takes time and this is something I am short of, my excuse. I want instant answer for any question or topic. Google has all the information and it gives loads of ideas in fraction of a second.

Reason 2: Diversity

I can think only as per my knowledge so far, while google has data from diverse minds and is exhaustive (almost all of us believe). Exhaustive means that all the possible answers are already listed and I am not going to get any new answer on my own. I can combine various answers to from a brilliant answer for me. An answer that many other will think is a WOW!

Reason 3: Risk

When I decide to get answer for myself there is a risk that maybe I would not get any answer or an incorrect answer. During my schooling and in my professional life the ‘wrong answer’ had always been stigmatized. Now I am frightened to find incorrect answers. It’s kind of embarrassing. Google saves me from embarrassment.

Reason 4: Significance

I don’t consider that topic or question is significant enough to invest my time and my brain power to reach to some conclusion. It’s like choosing fast food over the process of coking a healthy meal. I am young and my body recovers all the bad effects of fast food, so why not?

After sometime, I realize that I have become a victim of certain kind of mental paralysis. Where I lost the capability to dig into my knowledge-base, my memory, and my creativity and I have become an expert to dig into websites for information and analyze and consolidate data from these websites. I have developed a resistance to think on my own and I have gathered lots of good excuses for this attitude.

Now that I am aware of what I have done to myself, I am afraid if I will pass this on to my kid. My kid is so innovative and original that I aspire to become like my kid. I am relearning to think, to make mistakes, and enjoy being wrong from my kid. So this is my blog without any google help. However, I do believe in brainstorming and discussion about a topic, so I invite all of you to participate and give your valuable inputs.

See you again. 🙂


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