Finally, I know why I blog.

I am a blogger and I find blogging pretty cool and amazing. Yesterday, I had a conversation with someone, let’s say ‘Ms. A’, in my neighborhood. I would like to present a small piece from that conversation.

Ms. A – Now your kid has grown up and her school hours are extended, why don’t you take up some job?

‘I like to spend my time in pursuing the things I like,’ I said.

Ms. A – You are an MCA and have work experience, you must do justice to this. You will earn and feel financially independent.

‘I never felt that I am financially dependent, because my husband never questions about my expenditures. I give satisfaction in life and quality of life more value than money. I blog in my free time.’

Ms. A – What do you blog about?

‘My experiences with and in life, about kids, about life, about culture and about issues that make me restless, there are various topics’

Ms A – Experiences with life? Do you think they are rare and unique? And why are you making your life and its event public?

‘No, they are not rare or unique, but the way I experienced them, reflect upon them is different, and so I feel sharing it with others will help others in some way. Making public… as you know my life is not exceptional, so there is nothing that public already doesn’t know.’

Ms A – Ok, now that you agree your life has nothing exceptional then why do you blog about it?

That’s the ‘Aaha! Moment’ of the conversation as I got next topic to blog upon, “Why do I blog?” So here we are, there are few reasons to blog.

First reason is, it makes me feel that ‘my story’ is being heard.

My story – Every one of us is unique and the way we take up life options makes our story different than others. At some point of time, we want our story to be shared and heard like superheroes or some important person – I believe. I cannot afford a writer, publication, distribution and marketing folks to do this for me and I doubt any one of them would be interested in covering my story either, even if I pay. So I have to do it myself. And thanks to guys for holding up websites on internet to facilitate me and the readers to make me feel heard. Readers, I love your comments and likes. Thank you so much.

Second reason is, it helps me to reflect up on my experiences.

Experiences – It’s not having experiences that make us wise, it’s reflecting on the experiences that we’ve had that makes us wise. When I think of my experiences, I understand them in a deeper way and sometimes create a new learning or re-new my past learning from them. It many a times helps me to understand and assign a purpose to some events in my life- good or bad. A painful memory becomes insightful and bearable when assigned a purpose. And this helps me to grow and sometimes create my happiness in a new perspective.

Third reason is, I think its a cool way to improve my English.

English – Not being my mother tongue, I am, at times, short of vocabulary to express. Blogging is my daily routine to improve my English, as English is, perhaps, the only measure of a person’s worth in our society, nowadays. So I am improving my self-worth as my year 2016 resolution.

Fourth reason is, I am an introvert person.

Introvert – From childhood I have seen that extrovert people are blessed with all the limelight and spotlight. They are the ‘most wanted’, in good terms, by our society. It seems that they are the people full of ideas and life. I really dislike those people, not dislike as ‘dislike’, but I mostly felt jealous of them as they almost always dominate any social gathering. While with a keyboard, a mouse, a screen, social media and readers- I am the one dominating here. Aah! Such a grand feeling of defeating all the extroverts I have met in my life.

Fifth reason is that I want to share my ideas with my people.

Sharing – It gives me satisfaction that I am doing a bit of my social responsibility by sharing knowledge and insights. It makes me feel that I am contributing for betterment of the society. By the way, this not selfless thing I do get my pleasure in doing this.

These are the reasons that I blog apart from the fact that I love to write.

See you again. 🙂


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Archon's Den says:

    Thank you for the insights. We are much the same. I have often vaguely sensed these reasons, but never so clearly expressed them. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hemasha says:

      You are welcome. And thank you for reading it


  2. Deepak Bisht says:

    Hmmm, quite some reasons to blog. I especially liked the one wherein you admit you love to do something and you do that religiously and peoperly.
    Keep blogging, am a fan of your writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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