Gods and Daemons both are in stories only?

I want to raise a compassionate, rational, fearless and responsible kid, who does not believe in any superstition and anything illogical, such as Luck, Daemon, and Omens etc. Once she told me a story about her friends being frightened by daemons, I suggested her to never hold any assumption about unseen things or phenomenon. I went over the board and said discard the possibility of unseen world of daemons. My little 5 year young trusts me and she took my words and all her fear of daemons disappeared. She extended the logic little further and asked “Mother, Gods and Daemons both are in stories. In real world, they don’t exist. Right?”

I was stumped with this question. As I am also seeking the answer to the question –Why do we have a concept of God and Daemon? I am yet to find an answer. However, I think, we imagined these concepts to shift the responsibility and minimize the expectations. We shifted the responsibility to divine for our life course –“Usaki marzee ke bina patta bhi nahi hilata” [Translation: Nothing moves without his (almighty) consent.]

If I imagine a world without these two phenomenon then it puts the individual human being at the center of the universe above all mysteries, and there’s no more room for mystical creatures who take dictation from the divine. It would be a rational world entirely. Considering a person responsible for whatever happens in his/her life is too much responsibility to put on one fragile, human psyche. It will create all unmanageable expectations about one’s performance. It will be a high pressure situation for humans. Many of us would go insane, many of us would commit suicide, and for rest of us, it will be the most painful reconciliation.

Presently, these two concepts are to save our life. These are the most important and beautiful works of human mind. I adore the brilliant working methodology of human minds. The way, it handles the world around and itself is amazing.

Most of us have a tendency to look up to some ideal to envision the perfection in any virtue or art. Our concept of God and Daemon serve this purpose like none can. All of us know that fear restricts us from doing something and punishment is something we all hate. Again these two concepts instill the fear of certain punishment for our wrong doings and hence stops us from doing and thinking bad things. At some point of time, we all wish to speak our mind, confess our bad things and open our heart to someone who is non-judgmental, loving, caring and understanding. We all want a confidant, best friend and savior, who is consistent throughout the times, for our entire lifetime. Our wonderful concept provide us with that someone. We all want to feel significant and part of something: magnificent, charismatic, and invincible and beyond comparisons. Once again the two brilliant concepts are for help. Many of us share the credit of our grand success with divine. Many of us believe that we were blessed success from some unseen magnificent source (Just got lucky) and hence lessen the worldly expectations for our next performance. This actually keeps us sane, controls our ego in happy times and saves us from anguish, keeps us optimistic in sad times.

Having said all this, I would like to bring this into notice that being responsible for something or anything is indeed a pressurizing thing. But it brings the beauty in whatever we do as we feel complete in-charge and responsible for that thing. We want that thing to be wonderful, our masterpiece, so that everyone else appreciates it. And we don’t mind the ‘not so good’ aspects of our masterpiece, we are always able to look beyond them. We are constructively engaged into process of improvisation  and we are happy about our work. When we are happy, we spread love,happiness around, and our tolerance exceeds exponentially. However, when we think someone else is responsible, we almost every time are complaining about the same ‘not so good’ aspects. This is what is happening around. We have made someone else responsible for our lives, hence we are always complaining and frustrated and dependent.

Though I am not done with my analysis, I can see that if I say to my kid “Yes. God exists.” This will make her life easier as it has done for many of us. But I am hesitant to say this as my research work is incomplete. And how can I say that God (good spirits) exists and Daemon (bad spirits) don’t. How to put forward my case to a 5 year young girl? How to make her understand all this? And what if I will reach to conclusion that absence of these concepts is better than their presence, by the end of my research?

Presently, I said to my daughter “We will wait if any of these two shows up. Till then we will not believe in any of such stories.”

Meanwhile, I am working on my research about these two wonderful, awesome concepts of human mind.

See you again 🙂


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