Me and Facebook

Social Media

Thanks to social media websites like Facebook and Whatsapp that we have progressed into era of virtual friendships. Even an introvert like me has 300+ friends on Facebook and is a participant of so many whatsapp groups. These sites have enabled me to connect to world in all together a different way. I was so excited to find my school buddies on such sites and we reunited. 🙂 I find writing my mind and heart easier than speaking out and these sites came as a boon for me. I am the most benefited among all with the technological advancement and with emergence of these social media sites. It so happened once that my mobile was stolen and this made me go into depression for the fact that I had once again lost the connection,i.e., Whatsapp and FB messenger. 😉  Then I came to know about Google service that helps to keep all your phone numbers intact even if your phone gets stolen. Wow! technology.  🙂


Initially it was so much of fun to know how is everyone and how they had been after schools and college and previous workplaces. With simple text exchange it seemed that  all the time and distance gap was filled among people. Me and my 300+ friends all shared our photos and important dates among ourselves. Few highly sensitive friends shared posts requesting LIKE for curing a baby from any disease. I have no idea how my ‘like’ will work for the baby but yes those posts had lots of ‘likes’. Few socially responsible friends shared posts requesting further SHARE for some missing person will find his/her home. I have never seen those friends posting any update on that post if the ‘share’ helped to reunite the person with respective family. But yes there were large number of shares for such posts. Few highly spiritual friends of mine shared posts of religious forums requesting to type in ‘AMEN’ or ‘Jai Mata Di’ or something like this. I have no idea if God is also following these websites but yes lot many people had typed in. Few highly politically loyal friends shared posts of their favorite political parties and political figures. And most of the times these political posts were biased and had very less to do with reality. So, on daily basis I was getting such posts in great number in my account. Since, I was not there for such posts and more than this I do not believe in such acts of ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’, I found these posts annoying. What to do?  Aah! there is a ‘HIDE post’ option available. Wow! technology. 🙂


Hiding a post and ‘turning off notification’ saved a day for me and I personally messaged my friends if they really felt such posts by them were of any good. Unanimous answer was “NO, but what’s the harm?” this answer is a big question in itself and I had no answer. And here I come across an option of ‘Unfollow a friend’ oh!! what’s that? Why this option is there when one always has a choice of “Unfriend a friend’? When you unfriend another person comes to know that he/she is no longer in your friendlist. You can always reconnect if you want. Why the deception?? You don’t want to let another person know that you are no more connected to him/her. You became friends because you wanted to connect with your friend, to know if he/she has some life events to share or something happy or needs some help. With this Unfollow option you simply chose to unhear all this. And bad part is that another person is not even aware that you are not at reception desk. This takes us back to era when we used letters to communicate and the sender was never sure that the message will reach the receptionist. So both the parties were open to this option that message may or may not reach to other party. So, despite message not being answered the harmony and trust of the relationship was maintained. Now, with many other friends responding to your important help message and one particular friend not responding to it. How does that feel? This option was probably given to avoid the ‘hurt ‘ but it really caused a bigger damage to your relationship. That is how I reached to a term virtual friendship. This is the answer to your question “what’s the harm?” Aah! technology. 😦


Over the time people change and their behaviour on social media is very different than you experienced in real time interactions. You get annoyed by their fussy posts and you really don’t want them to bother you on daily basis. You may get their number, write your message and unfriend them. Both of you know that you are no longer connected and hence no expectations and they are open to communicate their important things on your contact number and so are you. I think this option is better than unfollowing a friend. Technology must be used to empower you and strengthen your relationships, choose the options intelligently. Technology has given us so many options but it all lies in our hands how we use those options. Let’s not be virtually friends but real friends. Let’s not use social websites to litter anything but use them in sensible ways to improve our life and make a positive impact on society.  🙂

I recently unfriend many of my friends from FB and they know that I have their numbers. I am always available on my number for you my friends. I want real friendship not virtual friendship. 🙂 Marking someone unfriend from FB friends list does not make him/her unfriend from life outside this website. I love you all and I love technology. This is again a social site and technology helping me to share my thoughts and feelings with you all.  Wow! technology. 🙂

See you again.


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