You or situations?

As I stepped out of teenage I considered that I am grown up now to take care of myself. That I am a responsible individual now. At least responsible for my own life, my thoughts and my decisions. Is there any mistake in this assumption and consideration? Who wants to be seen as irresponsible?

However, we cherish all those people who console us and indirectly tell us that we are not responsible for the things happening in our lives. Who come to us to tell that the situation was responsible for our downfall, are our friends! And we hate all those folks who despite of our downfall consider us responsible and say “You are responsible”. Who still have faith in our human capability to fight, are our worst encounters!

What goes so wrong all the way from first step of responsible adulthood to mid age to late adulthood? Why we become such a life who wants to be responsible for all the good things around us and want to make situations responsible for every not so good things around us? Is it the barometer of expectations of being a responsible life is so high that we turn out to be submissive as we move ahead? And once we surrender to the expectations or situations, we hate to see anyone who is still willing to be responsible and a fighter?

I acknowledge that everyone has a threshold to stand against unpleasant situations and after reaching that threshold people give in. I am not here to prescribe any threshold but still when you give in, you must admit that it was you who did it. You are the responsible person. Don’t shift the responsibility. Giving in was not your crime but declaring yourself not to be held responsible is a huge disrespect that you offered to yourself, off course in disguise. And all others who join your club are offering you the same disrespect under the cover of pity, sympathy and understanding. You consider them your friends but they are not. They will be never helpful in the journey of regaining your spirit. Going into depression for a while and doing stupid things for sometime is acceptable but the decision of dwelling there forever and gathering similar defeated specimen around is a huge huge huge disrespect of a human life.

It is good or bad doesn’t matter much as long as I am ready to take the ownership and responsibility for my life. I am learning to take a fact as a fact. If someone says “You are doing wrong” respect and value that person more than the one who says “You are in wrong situation. Anyone would commit the same wrong if he would be in your place.”

Be responsible and accountable and Respect your life.

See you again. 🙂



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