Is sex only a body need

Swarna read an article shared by her friend and it was about sex. A story validating people who have sex with more than one person. Story said that sex is a body need and there is nothing right or wrong in having that need fulfilled by anyone. The story was woven around Indian culture to make it acceptable. Swarna had lengthy discussion about this story with her friend and was disturbed to notice that her friend was advocating this concept. She said that Swarna is conservative when it comes to sex.

When Uphaar, Swarna’s husband, came back from office she told him story and discussion she had with her friend. Swarna was disgusted by the fact that people are supporting infidelity in marriage. They find it okay to have sex outside marriage and they are being liberal and modern by accepting it. Uphaar listened very patiently and took Swarna in his arms, kissed her forehead and said “They are saying it correct when they say that sex is a body need. Nature wanted us to reproduce in order to not get extinct and there is nothing fancy about reproduction. Nature could not make reproduction as our physical drive so it played other way round. It made sex our fantasy and our body need. 🙂 However, marriage is a commitment and I don’t support sex outside marriage. Having sex only with your marriage partner is our cultural attribute and it is encoded in our DNA. That is why you are feeling so bad about this new outlook.”

Swarna admires her husband for his intellect and simplicity. This simple reasoning by him made Swarna come out of restlessness and disgusting feeling. When both of them entered their bedroom Swarna looked at Uphaar. He was fully dressed and was wearing a loving, teasing smile – just enough for provocation. Swarna kept looking at him and a second track was being played in her mind “Uphaar – person of integrity and innocence and who is so intelligent and intellectual that he can win anyone on any topic, who is sensitive enough that girls find his witty company safe and enjoyable, who is so artistically creative that he does wonders, and who has many admirers, loves her. And this handsome person surrenders in entirety to her. She is the proud owner of his masculine body and his complete aura. He, who could not be won by anyone, just submits to her.” Every time she looks at Uphaar she feels divine as if she being Durga (the only deity who rides on lion) and Uphaar being the strong, fast, furious, loud and brave lion. Together they have ability to conquer the entire kingdom of wild and social animals. 🙂 And here she comes victoriously closer to him and feeling a strong desire for him. His warm breath moved her even more to her deepest and lowest of desires – sex.

Now in these intimate moments she discovered that sex is not just a body requirement but it comes from deep admiration, love and surrender. When her feelings overflow and they want to touch Uphaar in more deeper and purposeful way, she feels the need of sex. When she wants to surrender completely to him, she feels the need of sex. When she wants to be an object of his pleasure like no one else can be, she feels the need of sex. She can not imagine to have this desire for anyone as this desire is her ultimate submission to Uphaar. In this very moment it clicked to her, what about the couple who don’t feel such love and devotion for each other? Perhaps, they are the one who get dragged into infidelity domain and who look everywhere to find someone to surrender themselves. And after frequent failures they lose hope to find it anyway and hence confirm that sex is just a body need. Teenagers are just excited about anything and sex obviously draws their attention and sometimes for experimental purpose teens involve into this activity. For teenagers sex is not a body need it is curiosity. Then what group of the society really truly feels that sex is only a body need?

Whatever different theories are floating in society about sex, they may be true or may not be true. Swarna can be seen as conservative but yet she stands to say that sex is not just a body need. Infidelity should not be accepted in the name of “being liberal and modern”. People must learn to find their authentic self and deeper values and driving forces and their instincts.

See you again. 🙂


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  1. hemasha says:

    This blog here has three characters which individually represent the three different ideologies.
    Swarna : Represents the ideology that mind and body are not two disconnected entities of human system. Strong desires of body are mapped to some deep intense thoughts of the brain. Hence she denies that Sex is only a body need and supports the concept of having sex with the person you are committed to. No junk sex is supported by her.
    Uphaar : Represents the ideology that sex is a body need primarily but he stands against junk sex. In a way he relates sex and commitment.
    Swarna’s friend: Represents the ideology that sex is a body need only. And commitment or marriage or love has absolutely nothing to do with this. In her views no sex is junk sex.

    This blog has these three characters because I could not figure out any other kind of stands/views on the subject. As per my understanding everyone/anyone will fall in either of these ideologies.
    Thank you so much for reading the blog and appreciating and sharing your views on it.


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