Cuteness unlimited

I was reading a story to my sweet little girl,Chia, and this story had a plot where a kid was in dreams and it was pictorially depicted by something scribbled in a cloud.

She asked me “Mom, why it is written in the cloud?” I said “Because it is a dream he is having.”

She asked again “What is a dream?” I said “It is a story we see when we are asleep.”

She said ” I never have this because when I sleep my eyes are closed and I can not see anything then.” I said ” Oh! all of us see that with our eyes closed. You will also see them someday.”

This assurance gave her enough of happiness that we continued our story and then came bedtime. My girl was not ready to close her eyes because she wanted to see that dream cloud tonight. I tried to convince her that it doesn’t work this way. She has to sleep for having a dream. But my girl wanted to be satisfied that she made all of her efforts to achieve her goal. She was awake for long and then she was irritated with the failure. I turned to her and said “Beta you tried enough today. Now, let’s sleep.” and hugged her. She felt asleep.

Next morning Chia said “I didn’t have any dream. Did you?” I said “No.” next night and then next, Chia tried for many nights to see the dream cloud but couldn’t. Then she took the fact “Okay, no sleeping – no dreaming.” On a certain level it is true but very important link is still missing. The story book made her believe that we can see other’s dream. As the writer and both of us could see the sleeping boy’s dream cloud. Tonight there is a new plan she has to execute. She came to bed with us and my cute girl waited till my husband started snoring.

After a while she said to me “Ma, papa is asleep when will he dream?” I asked “Why you want to know that”

She said very happily ” When papa’s dream cloud will be up here both of us can see his dream.” She was so excited and I was trying to control my laughter. I grabbed her and kissed her and said “Okay, let’s wait for sometime.” After may be 10 minutes I said ” Chia I think we can not see his dreams. We can only see our dreams and for that we have to sleep.” Though she was not convinced but it was late night so she slept hugging me.

She is 5 years young and I have no idea how to make her familiar with the idea of a dream. I see her struggling to see the dreams. And many times she asks ” If I had any dream last night?”

See you again. 🙂


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