Impact of unevaluated Moral Stories

One day as Shiva and his beautiful wife Sati sat talking on Mount Kailash, Sati noticed a large procession passing by. Curious, she asked her husband where the gods were going. “To the grand sacrifice to be held by Daksha, your father,” replied Shiva. Sati was amazed. “Then why have we not been invited? Invited or not,” Sati said furiously, “I think we should go. It is after all my own father’s house and I at least need no invitation.” She went to her father’s place and then events took direction that ended in Sati’s life sacrifice, a fierce flame appeared beneath Sati and burned her to ashes. The MORAL of the story was– Not to go anyplace uninvited, even if it is your father’s place.

I had listened this story in my childhood and without evaluating I took MORAL of the story. We all read moral stories to our kids. We have an intention of imprinting these morals on their receptive mind and heart. These moral are one line guidelines for us when situation demands a decision from us.  I happen to  meet one of such situations almost 8 years back. This was the time when I was so full of myself and so much busy with my job and home that I never had time to sit back and watch my business or my actions or the guidelines that I was following. My cousin’s marriage was arranged in the same city where I lived at that time. My uncle or aunt didn’t send invitation card to me neither they made any phone call to me. My parents came to attend the wedding and obviously they stayed with me. My father asked me to attend the wedding. He said that my uncle has mentioned my name as expected guests for the marriage. Upon hearing this I thought why didn’t he invited me directly? May be he mentioned my name to my father just out of compulsion. I never had any issues with my uncle or my cousin still I decided not to attend the wedding. It was my cousin’s wedding and I loved, respected my uncle and yet I was able to take such a heartless decision.I replied to my father “Not to go anyplace uninvited, even if it is your father’s place.

After years of that incident, I feel bad about what I did. It was awful. I shouldn’t have done that. I wish I have had never learnt that moral from a story as an absolute learning.  I was exposed to the story at such a tender age where I had no skills to evaluate the learning or the story and that moral got engraved in my memory brilliantly. It is interesting to notice that once you allow any thought or learning to take a place in your brain it becomes one of your facts even when you were not so sure about it when you allowed that thought a place in your brain. Maybe that time you said to the thought that I will evaluate you later for the time being hold a place in my brain. But you forgot- there was never a time when you could evaluate and the thought settled in your brain as a fact.

I wonder do we need to tell moral stories to our kids?

After looking at the consequences of moral stories taught at very young age, I resist to read any moral stories to my kid. She is 5 years old now and is very much interested in stories. I give her real life simple stories or events without any emphasis on moral. It is just our fun time.

See you again. 🙂


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  1. Rinish says:

    Thanks for sharing the real life experience, you could have shy away from doing so. However, I do not fully agree with you. My son listen to 1 or 2 stories every night from me and most of them tied with a Moral. So he has a collection of 800-900 stories or virtual experiences running in his mind. And my observation is he does connect Morals with real life. But good thing I noticed with him recently is he started challenging some of my and my wife’s actions in real life based on the morals he has and further more he started challenging narrations in the story based on his perception from his virtual world. So may be you missed the Point here but you should not be containing the knowledge getting passed to your little one, in fact make her swim in complete knowledge.

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    1. hemasha says:

      Thank you Rinish…. I intend to share moral stories when she is grown up enough to evaluate the story and take back from it.


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