Time travel to 1950..Part 1


Hey Friend, have you ever time traveled? Here’s the opportunity. I am riding on time come along and sit alert. We are about to leave these high rise apartments with fabulous facilities, crowded market place and roads packed with vehicles. And here we go. The wind has started cooling down and surroundings has lots of greenery and everything hazy. May be we are going too fast. It feels wonderful to keep riding in this beautiful moonlight. Pay attention the wind is chilling and howling, a noise of gushing water from a distant river and this sweet jasmine fragrance.

I have no idea where I am, but I would like to halt here for some time. Hope you won’t mind it friends. Oh! It is so calm, peaceful, and serene here, also darkness is growing as dawn will be shorty here. It is 4 o’ clock here. Hey! Can you see some moving human sketches? It is too dark to differentiate one figure from another. But their swift and elegant move suggests they are ladies. Birds have also started their singing, feels like they are doing their morning prayers. These ladies have started their daily routine and are now headed to see and feed their cattle. Both the ladies and cattle wished each other good morning. Slowly, all kinds of sounds are audible. Feels like everyone is so happy to wake up in such beautiful world and wishing each other good morning. The sky has turned from black into orange, red, blue and black canvas with tiny white clouds. It is so beautiful.

Did I just hear a familiar voice? I looked in the direction from where the voice came.  “GOPAL, Wake up son. ” A boy of 10 yrs. is coming out from the bedroom. Oh! I have seen him somewhere. …somewhere in photographs. I need little more light to recognize him. I am eagerly waiting for sunrise so that I can see who are they? “OMG!  Is it?  Are they? ” My eyes wide open, jaw dropped- in completely hypnotized state- with all me, I am looking at them.  Oh!  I am sorry if I held your hand painfully tight, my friend. It is not every day that I get to see my grandmother, a beautiful lady without wrinkles and glasses, and my father as a kid. It is overwhelming. My eyes are welled with tears.

I looked around, now everything looked familiar. I had been to this place before in my childhood. But, currently, this is 1950 in time, my father’s village. It is a valley surrounded by three hilltops. Beautiful, few families, jungle around, farms, river, a small temple with great simplicity, cool breeze, deep blue sky and tall cedar(devdaar) trees and a very sweet local language. Homes are made up of stones, woods and mud and are approximately 1 mile distant from each other. Since it is jungle around, its hilly area, people communicate and greet each other from their rooftops in a loud voice. Separation is the greatest of the illusions here. They all are so connected that they all appear to be one. This is a heavenly place on mother earth with so simple life. A wise man said “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” I wonder if he had been to this place!

Lots of activities warming up around. It is 6 o’clock. I am seeing my papa, Gopal, being pushed around for every single task. He is busy with her favorite goat- Shyama. Now he is all set to go to school. They are troupe of 12 boys heading to school. Lots of chit chat and giggling. There is one school among four villages here and it is 6 miles from here. Boys are not bothered about distance, they are used to this and they have all the time. School starts at 9 AM and gets over by 12 in the noon. Boys will reach there by 8:30 AM. I am trying to listen what these boys are talking about- Are they telling their dreams to each other or they discussing the plan for the day after school? “Hey friend, could you please go and join them and tell me what they are discussing.” But NO. It will not work. They will start discussing about you and with you. Is there no way that I could go closer and listen to my father’s kiddish voice and his childhood talks? I so much want to hear that.
My father has gone to school with his friends and I shall wait here till he comes back.

Part 2 is coming, stay awake. 🙂

See you again.


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