Radhe Krishna

For Krishna playing flute was one of the sweetest experience of his childhood and teenage. When he played flute he felt as light as a feather swaying in cool breeze. With Radhe by his side, it was an ultimate opportunity to impress her and get her drawn towards him. Musical notes of flute sung his love for her and Gokul heard, felt and lived the love and devotion; Love of Krishna and devotion of Radhe. Music and delight was for everyone but was played for Radhe only. Many of the gals must had felt envy and Yashoda must had hated Radhe for she just stole Krishna from everyone.

He knew he had to leave and forsake the village, makkhan, river, mountain, cows, trees, friends, Nanda, Yashoda and his beloved Radhe. He was completely aware that If he would go away then Radhe will definitely die, as devotion does not allow any recovery for any cause to anyone. He felt guilty and ashamed of doing this to Radhe. He loved Radhe and loved her like crazy but still he will survive. He hated this survival but he had to sustain, for he had a mission and bigger responsibility bestowed upon him.

But how can he just leave and let Radhe die alone? With this guilt he would not be able to concentrate on his forthcoming missions. This would keep on haunting him and thus preventing him by giving in his 100 %. And in-numerous guilt to be followed. Mission was not just about himself or his biological parents but it was much bigger than that. He couldn’t fail everyone because of the guilt he was feeling right now standing here in this village. He had to do something about this guilt. He had to pay Radhe’s devotion appropriately.

“What is that makes me feel most alive apart from Radhe’s existence? what is that gives Rahde a sense that she is deeply loved by me? ” Krishna talked to himself. “I will leave that with Radhe, a part of me will always live with Radhe and die with Radhe.” His fingers reached to his flute tucked in his waist robe. “Aah! this is it. My flute” He handed over his flute to Radhe and said “This is for you my sweetheart. I always played flute only for you and now that I had to leave, I promise you that I will never play flute for anyone. A part of me , a flute player; Krishna, will remain with you forever.” Radhe smiled and kissed the flute. From now on Radhe will be seen with Krishna’s flute around the village.

Then he felt his guilt was gone and he could move on with sweet memories of Radhe and this place to accomplish his missions. 🙂

Shyam teri Bansi pukare Radha naam….log kare Meera ko yunhi badnaam.

See you again.


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  1. varun says:

    going good. wish u huge success


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