Yesterday was a very nice and different day. I visited a very well established and popular restaurant “Haldiram’s”. I had been there many times before. And credit goes to my little gal, who wants our date to start with Haldimram’s food. 🙂  I am not a fan of the restaurant and in my feedback I always mention the high noise level they have there. But still it holds special place in my heart as many beautiful memories of my kid are attached with the place. 🙂

Haldiram’s is a self service restaurant. But yesterday it was not…not for me. As soon as went to counter a service gal greeted and complimented me. I knew this gal, we used to exchange formal greetings and small talks earlier too. Yesterday, she said to me “I was remembering you. Please have a seat and I will get your order served at your place.” It was a pleasant surprise and very pleasing hospitality.

Chia and I made ourselves comfortable with a corner seat and started chatting. In a short while our order came to us. A waiter served us and quickly he came back with two glasses of water. I felt so nice and surprised. The dish, we ordered was our very frequently ordered dish but it tasted extraordinary. Surprisingly, I was not disturbed by the high noise level. It was a happy experience and made our day special. 🙂

Through out our time in the restaurant, I kept on thinking how an act of hospitality can change the complete experience of a place. 🙂

See you again.


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