Roles keep on rotating

“This time going to Jaipur is a big deal for me. All the past visits had been so soothing, peaceful and happy. My son would come to receive at Jaipur station. I had not to worry about anything. I always used to get a ticket and board the train. I had to take care of this much only.This time it is filled with anxiety as he will not be able to come to station. I have traveled a lot earlier but now traveling makes me anxious; so many apprehensions”. I overheard this communication and turned around. Two elderly people probably in their sixties or early seventies were talking to each other and taking morning walk.

Being a father figure means a lot. For a child, a father is source of strength and heroism. Can anyone imagine his father be weak and anxious just about a travel, when he has seen him traveling a lot earlier? And for a father who has always stood strong, how can he display his weakness to his kids? He has his friends to discuss his weakness.

We young people almost never realize that our parents are growing old with time. Something in them is fading away. Once fearless and our biggest support are now turning into dependent parents. Almost everything that is out of their routine makes them anxious.

It was a big surprise for me because I always felt late sixties or seventies is not miserable age. People of this age appears healthy, talk well and do all their routine work normally. My parents used to visit me and they always say “We will come on our own from station and you don’t have to worry about it.”. I had been logical and thought yes that’s fine as taxi can be booked from outside the station and this is not a big deal. They can do it by themselves. However, I could never sense the “worry”…… may be because I have always seen them strong and capable. The conversation I just overheard made me think about that worry. May be this old fellow also told his son “Not to worry beta. I will manage.”.

Irony it is. We as children don’t realize how time is changing with our parents and other elderly people around. And they also, don’t let us know. I don’t know if it is the way things should happen or not. I surely can’t let my parents and my known elders to face such issues after this incident. This is absolutely emotional decision. It is a matter where my heart didn’t even consult my brain before taking a decision. I don’t know my decision is empowering my seniors or making them more dependent. May be that uncle jee will manage everything well and will be more confident after that. I just don’t know.

See you again.


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