Morning without alarm

I am so immersed in my music practice, busy on correcting a particular note and my guru jee is on harmonium. This particular note is giving me really a tough challenge. Guru jee is saying “Let’s do it tomorrow again. Enough for the day” but I insisted “NO.. we don’t quit. I will get it corrected today itself.” Guru jee getting restless and I am adamant, both are busy. Eventually, guru jee got really upset and started banging his harmonium. Sweet melodious ambience suddenly turned into harsh sounds of BANG BANG and guru ji’s voice changed. Not only his voice also his content has changed. He started saying in a funny voice “What happened to your alarm? It’s 8 A.M. Are you not getting late?” I jumped off my bed..oops!!! it was a dream. One of those dreams that make you sleep till late mornings on a working day. 🙂

I came out of my bedroom. My Husband and kid is still sleeping, may be they were also having one of such dreams. 🙂 My MIL is waiting outside bedroom and I gathered my senses Oh! it was my MIL banging the door to wake us up. 🙂

Morning hours on a working day are really busy. Me being a home maker keeps on running around the whole place to get everyone ready for their workplace. I usually wake up 2 hours before my husband and kid. I need this time to prepare our breakfast, lunch and to sort out their dresses and everything. These two hours are busy but very much planned and relaxed. It is only after I wake up my bubbly kid and loving husband, my mornings are filled with love, enthusiasm and anxiety. 🙂 I enjoy this time running from one place to another and it lasts for 1 hour nearly. 🙂

Today it’s different, I don’t have my 2 hours….suddenly a pang of anxiety started running through my nerves. I don’t know from where to start? In the very next moment I realized that may be God wanted me to have a different morning today. He wanted me to have a morning without plans, a morning relaxed but not busy. May be he got bored seeing me in this disciplined way of starting my day. So, he planned my morning today. He wanted me to relax and enjoy and have adventures of unplanned living today. I must be thankful to him and should respect his plan. This insight suddenly brought a smile on my face and I realized it’s a wonderful morning today. I wake up my husband and my kid. Hubby jumped off the bed and rushed to washroom. I loved this outburst of energy. 🙂 He got ready in 5 minutes and waved me good bye. Now it was my kid’s turn to get ready. It all happened in super fast mode. I dropped her to school and now I am free. I have slept longer today and did no cooking and no morning arrangements. I am feeling happy and it’s good to break the routine sometimes.

I loved this incident. I wish for one such morning in every three months. But, unplanned adventures can not be planned. 😉

Be adventures by choice else you will be forced to have adventure. 🙂

See you again.


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