My kid is my teacher

Kids believe in Fairy Godmother, magic potion and Santa, thanks to Disney ; for making kids believe that anything is possible. 🙂 My kid got cold and I tried a home remedy of warm water with honey and lemon drops. I made a little story that fairy Godmother came in my dreams and told me to give this magic potion to you and your cold will be taken care of. She got really happy and drank it with enthusiasm. After two days enthusiasm went down and she refused it on third day. Forth day morning I told her that Fairy Godmother again came in my dreams and threatened me that if my daughter doesn’t drink the potion and has cold, then, I will be turned into a mice.

Here comes a pleasant surprise, a 5 yr kid is sensible enough to identify the potential threats, fears and respective reality and context of the fear. She assures me that don’t worry nothing will happen to you. She comes in your dream only and not in real life. So, in the morning you will be my mother again. Leave this fear. She can’t do any harm to you. And still if you worry about her coming in your dreams then just don’t sleep. 🙂

See the threat analysis and risk mitigation measures of a kid. Amazing it is. It made me realize that instead of treating her cold, it turns out as if, I am trying to turn my fearless baby into a frightened baby. I instantly corrected my mistake and said “Oh YES!! you are right. Thank you for letting me know this. I love you.” However, I am still thoughtful how come a mother who never introduced any ‘monkeys, babas, dark rooms and ghosts’ to her kid ,suddenly, got into this trap?

As parents, we always tend to see our kids as ‘kids only’; cute, lovely, the very immature, easy to influence, easy to manipulate, with less intelligent brains and very fragile. But on contrary, their brains are very efficient learning machines, without any prejudice. They are open to all possibilities and are observant , aware in their full capacity and most of the times they are better versions of us.

We adults tend to map our fears on every aspect of our lives. Many of the fears that we hold in our brains actually never happened to us. It is just that we exaggerated a particular fear in all the walks of our lives. For example: Don’t laugh too much it may bring a sad news any moment; Really!!!!!!

All those adults who are parents, are really blessed ones, they have access to pure and beautiful minds. We have a responsibility to safeguard the beauty and purity of these minds. Let’s not be teacher all the times. It is fun to be student of these walking hearts of yours.

Be innovative and keep learning from kids.

See you again.


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  1. paritosh149 says:

    It seems we are judgmental. A little too much, sometimes. Your post suggests me to look thru new perspective while interacting with other people and specially, kids. Other than that, the incident is still making me smile.

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  2. Your best blog so far… Loved it!

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