Playfulness and Focus

My little gal is a bundle of joy and energy. She keeps moving here and there and exploring home all the times. A spider’s web or an ant is enough for her get engaged and entertained. She is headed to keep a book in place and on the way she finds a pigeon’s feather, that happened to slide in from balcony, now she left the book there and moves on singing ” Yankee Doodle went to town”. I kept the patience and there she is after two or three rounds of song and dancing with feather, picked up the book and moved on. I love this playfulness of my daughter.

For most of the parents it goes like this only until kids are asked to do homework or some assignment. When kids are being playful at that time it really gets on nerves for most of the parents. And sadly some parents and teachers go on labeling “ADHD” to this playfulness.

I say sadly because if someone attaches this label to grown ups,it still makes sense to me but attaching this label to a kid is completely nonsensical. If kid is not paying attention to an idea, thing or work of someone’s interest or what someone else feels is of high importance (Someone can be parent or teacher or anyone) then one must be open enough to understand that may be kid is still to find something worth paying attention to. Paying attention is also known as Focusing.

Focus comes very naturally if something is exciting enough or is of high importance to a person. Else if you try to focus on a mundane thing or work you end up reading focus enhancing tutorials, following focus enhancing diets and increase focus naturally with tips kind of things.

Forced focus may be needed when someone is on a tight schedule or something like emergency for him. But kids, they have all the time in this world. They are not bound to any tight schedules and if they are then it’s a red is killing their playfulness and their childhood. Maintaining playfulness promotes creativity, fun and joy in life. Don’t soak kids into mundane schedules or competitive pressures. Have patience with kids, they will sooner or later find something that naturally draws their attention and then their focus is guaranteed in that and they will do wonders in that thing. Every kid will blossom in his field and their will be not threat to his position or survival in that field. 🙂

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” ~George Bernard Shaw

Be playful and have a life.

See you again.


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  1. paritosh149 says:

    I feel like your post has corrected me. In my tight schedule, I take shortcuts , here and there, to keep up. This is so mechanical living. Creativity is what’s unique with my species. It should be practiced and nurtured. Thanks.

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