The Sun and the Shadow

Where there is Sun and an object there will be a Shadow, big or small depends on relative positions of Sun and object and also depends upon size and shape of that object. Sun and Shadow, in hindi we say ‘dhoop and chhaya’, are always together. They are complementary like husband and wife. 🙂

In Hindu mythology, there is a very beautiful story behind this tie up between Sun and Shadow. Hindu religion personifies every existing object. It holds true for Sun and Shadow as well. Long time back Surya was married to Sangya. Surya being immensely bright, dazzling and fiery personality, Sangya could not survive with this phenomenon for long and decided to come back to earth and left her carbon copy, Chhaya, with Surya. So, since then Surya and Chhaya are together and Sangya in on earth. 🙂

In english the three characters of this story correspond to Sun, Noun (Subject or Object) and Shadow.

The story encapsulates feelings, relationship and eternal reality. It is very natural for a person to be attracted towards  success, fame, light and higher dimensions. If a person has a passion, a burning desire to achieve it then he will go for it.But, sustaining this status for ever is really very difficult. In a way, the story offers a challenge to everyone to sustain a ‘marriage with success and luminosity’ for ever. If he doesn’t win the challenge, then he just confirms to the eternal reality else he presents a new reality to the world and to himself, for good. If he confirms the reality stated in story he is a link to the theory that every person has a shadow, a little space where light or intelligence is blocked. And looking at Shadow on a larger perspective, it is necessary to break the monotony of brightness and light.It keeps a reality check that you are still less than Sun and you have someone to look up to.  It fills our earth with chhayadar places to rest and a contrast that is relaxing to eyes and joyous to us.

When I look at this story from this new perspective, it helps me to get closer to the essence of the story and bow down to the religion which has such amazing vision and enduring philosophy. For a child it is not always possible to understand such stories and great teachings of such fairy tales. We heard these stories in childhood and didn’t take any learnings from them and didn’t appreciate the creator of these stories instead we discarded them. It really takes time to understand such deep rooted stories and appreciate them.

Revisit the old stories they may have something new for you. 🙂

See you again.


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