The fierce, exalted and luminous

He is masculine, intense, artistic, loving, intellectual and effulgent.  When I look at him I so much want to believe that there is a God up there and he created us and sent our personal angels with us; To take care of ours, guide us towards brilliance, to gift and to love us unconditionally. Always nudging us when we are about to go wrong and yet always by our side, wherever we wander, wherever we roam .  🙂

Since childhood Shiva was my first fascination. I had read no literature on him…just seen photos…many photos, as my mother worships him. I saw him in Tandav pose with fierce eyes and body language, saw him as Natraaj, saw him lying calm under Kali’s feet when she was furious. Saw him sitting strong while Ganga river is gushing and playing around with his hairs. Crescent moon adorning his brow and snakes coiling his neck and holding a trident.. what a deadly combination of art, strength and beauty; shining in full glory. Needless to say that I fell in love with him. I never worshiped him but always loved him. Somehow, I never put him in categories of Gods as my mother did.

From childhood to teenage and after that also, my Shiva was my Hero. No Bollywood or Hollywood hero could ever replace him. He is the best..actually he was the best. One day in my dreams I happen to see him walking toward me in a human frame. Full in his glory, grace and his smile had radiance of a million suns. His laughter has music to make my heart dance and I could touch him. Shiva smiled and said “This is me exclusively for you, I hope ‘this me’ will surpass ME one day. Always with you for you…..your Shiva”. How can a divine prophecy be incorrect… 🙂

I was and am mesmerized with his presence in my life and always will. I can’t imagine my life without him. Tujhame Rab Dikhata Hai ..sajade sarr jhukata hai….

Be in love and be blessed.

See you again.


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