Morality…I am sorry….

Honesty, care, respect and the whole set of moral values, if you adhere to them and vouch for them…..what should I call you strong or hallucinated!!!! I will prefer strongly hallucinated. 🙂

I have seen caring people suffer the most. How strange is that!!!! Someone who embraced such a beautiful moral value of “Caring others” is the saddest and unsatisfied person. Firstly, he is sad because some other person is in bad condition or something…out of this sadness his morality of caring others ignites, and he rushes to help. Next, he is sad because he is not getting the due honor for his help. Moving further, he is sad because now he is in bad condition and others are not repaying the price. Now, it is interesting to note that prices are subjective, costs may be somewhat fixed. I can price 20 for something and you can price 30. Here is the seed of dissatisfaction for a caring person. He priced it 30 and you re-payed just 20. Poor fellow!!!!

Here is the flip…. the person who was in really serious situation, being cared by you. He also posses a great moral value of “to be grateful”. He so adheres to this value that he approves of any nonsense you do. And life long repays for your care, since he priced it even higher. You may insult him anytime, he will be saying in a very polite way “Please don’t misjudge me” and still stick by your side. He is also not happy. You are not happy and he is not happy and two unhappy people creating constant unhappy situations around them. Making a world of mental illness and physical illness. Strange!!!

Slowly, I am getting averse to moral values we were taught in our childhood.  It is because of these moral values there is so much chaos in the world. Everyone has different set of moral values with their different definitions, causing continuous conflict in lives.

It would have been so great if I was promoted to be just a sensible human being (and nothing else) since my childhood. Without discrimination of friend and foe, if I were taught to respond to situations than to humans. Instead of making a caring person we should get involve in making of sensible human being. And I wish this for all of us. I am trying hard to unlearn this stupidity.

Be happy. Be healthy and be Sensible.

See you again.


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  1. Saumya says:

    Very well captured Hema, I completely agree with you that we react to humans with all the beliefs of being kind, respectful, honest and fair in our actions and thoughts. Few of the many things that were taught by our parents and I can say they shaped me as human who is sensitive to others. However with changing time and life, I somehow dont have same belief in all that idealism. What worries me most is that I wont be able to shape my kid with these conflicting thoughts, the way my parents were able to do for me.
    Seems like too much of work for a lifetime. Phew !!!!

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    1. hemasha says:

      Yes Saumya….Seems like too much of work for a lifetime. … I propose we must question these moral values whenever we are about to follow them…these values are not absolute. They are subjective. Thank you sweetheart for understanding my point.


  2. paritosh149 says:

    I think it is all about self. How am I feeling doing this. How am I feeling others doing that. A person is selfish if he or she does it for self. Right, no doubt. How about another example. A person is not feeling good. He sees another person in relatively bad situation. Puts himself in that situation. Feels bad. Brain starts thinks ways to resolve the situation. Since, he being in that situation was hypothetical, this person tries to apply the resolution on that “another person”. If that resolution helps, this person feels good. I find this way of doing things as selfish in higher degree of thought and action. Brain wants. We all know we love returns. But such expectations, if not fulfilled, create bad feeling in brain. Because, brain never stops thinking. Not even if its all hypothesised. Morality, as I understand is group of generally accepted ways of having good feelings without being looked upon as selfish.
    But, that too is selfish. So, stop being halucinated by thought that says morality brings sadness. It’s your expectation that brought sadness. Morality was deviced to bring happiness. Use it only to bring happiness. It that is not the outcome while using Morality, please leave Morality and do something that can bring good feelings to your brain.

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    1. hemasha says:

      Exactly my point… Using morality without thoughtfulness is of no good. It only attracts bad feelings sooner or later. Any device must be used with intelligence and care, blind followers just spoil it, for themselves and for others. Thank you for making my point more clear. 🙂

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