Perspective and honesty

Honesty is something we all want in our lives and relationships. But do we know how to feel about and deal with honesty of our character and others? Two honest statements can be in total contrast about a single event.

Perspective determines how you comprehend and respond to situations. As your perspective changes the reality changes for you. It is a glass with which you look around. Glasses are of different colors and each of the colors is authentic mostly. And your color choice may change anytime.

You expressed some honest thoughts about some event in the past, and now, your perspective has changed ..again you are expressing something honestly. Interestingly, your two honest thoughts doesn’t match for obvious reasons. How to feel about it? Since, it’s you…you may be lenient but if this happens with someone else then? Then you may call him “Thali ka baigan”. 🙂

Will fixing the perspective save the day for an honest person……should or could it be fixed…..or should we get rid of this honesty and move on…….? Horrible it sounds….Isn’t it? How can we leave honesty!!!!

Hold on….It is not disastrous….leaving honesty doesn’t mean embracing dishonesty. Thankfully, the world is not so binary, all the colors and shades have their places. So,…hold on…..

Now, about perspective, does changing perspective indicate a growing mind? does. It shows that you are evolving every time and changing with every moment, which is so true. Nothing in this world is static or absolute. Everything, every theory has a reference frame, a perspective. In hindi we say “DRISHTIKON”, the angle of the vision, change the angle…. the vision will keep on changing. And this is truth of all the times. So I don’t accept the fixed mindset theory and I don’t deny that perspective keeps on changing..whether you notice it or not is dependent on your consciousness.

🙂 Back to the question if we really know the feel and deal of honesty….. I think what others think and do is never in your control, neither it should be. But I can obviously work for my sanity and just having respect for individual solves this issue to the great extent. If you could just respect the other person and be tolerant to their mistakes as you are for yourself then their will be much more understanding among humans. Big moral values like HONESTY will never be a reason for your unrest and you can live in harmony with changing perspectives.

Don’t fix your angle of vision , lets explore 360 degrees vision of the situation and have respect and room for each of the angles. Life is too short to crucify people in the name of Honesty. 🙂

See you again.


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