Panchhi banoo urhati phiroo…..

Being a music lover person I feel music is much much more than Ragas and Lyrics. It has the power to move you in a different dimension of ecstasy and it is very deeply rooted in our psychology. Kids are first introduced to Rhymes and then anything else. Remember, When we were children, used to greet “Good Morning” or any other greetings in a musical way. 🙂

It is not surprising to note that everyone has most of her favorites from her childhood, teenage and early adult age, When one is full of enthusiasm and life and free of most of the social and family duties. Even today if you listen to that great music it gives you same exuberance and a great way to connect to your energies, motivations and boundlessness.

If today you are feeling low for whatever reasons, just plug in your favorite peppy song and you will be ON again. If you had any argument this morning with your partner, just plug in your favorite romantic song and you start feeling good and your ego calms down and Bingo! you are ON once again. Whatever bad feelings you are having will bid you bye as soon as you tune in your favorite songs, they are your personal doctors for your well being.

One uses music to get motivation and other uses to feel the extreme of the emotional states and some other uses it to just go on happily. Interestingly, a pessimist is happy with sad songs. Happiness with the sadness .. what an oxymoron! 🙂

So, Guys and Gals, start listening to your favorite music and I assure you it will lighten up your day and all those around you. Be Happy. See you again. Till then…… Tum agar saath dene ka vaadaa karo mein yunhi blogs likhati rahoon…. 🙂


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  1. Good start …all the best!!


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